Secondhand Book Store

Hidden Spark offers a Second-Hand book solution which is feature rich, offers advanced search capabilities and is easy to use. The system allows store staff to easily manage second hand books, allow books to be easily searched, and books to be easily edited and/or entered. The system is updated easily by sellers and store staff, and easy to use for interested buyers. All retail transactions will be logged and time stamped for auditing and reporting purposes. The solution integrates with a number of Point-of-Sale (POS) and Retail systems by sending retail transactions.


The new system has a registration feature with the option to be approved by an Admin user before the account becoming active. Bank details and books to sell may be added and updated upon successful account registration.

The new system has a dashboard with quick views for books requiring approval, books nearing contract expiration etc. Staff may enter books into the system on behalf of users to sell. Managers may adjust commission rates, maximum percentage of RRP, and GST.

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