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"Great technology comes from knowing when to reuse and when to build" - Hidden Spark

Digital Software solutions for any business

We are an Australian company focused on listening to your real-life problems and turning them into technology that will improve your business.

We are firmly focused on Australia’s position in the Asia/Pacific and how companies can compete locally and abroad. We always welcome clients from Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.

Software Development Services

The software development industry is an unregulated market, badly written software at low costs can end up costing you more in the long term in both time and money. Conversely over-priced, over-hyped or over engineered software can lead to you to higher maintenance costs and difficulty in making adjustments if dramatic changes are needed.

We can manage your project end to end or provide developer resources to work with your project led teams. We offer custom web and mobile app development services and support the following languages - Angular, C#, PHP, Javascript, Kotlin Python, React and Swift.

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Mobile Development Services

Hidden Spark offers end-to-end mobile services which includes design, development and ongoing support. 

We have an extensive experience in working with all major technologies and are passionate about design engaging IOS and Android mobile solutions. We can also integrate with your existing SaaS or Web solution through an API or SDK.

Our Australian based team has experience with modern design practices offering app lifecycle development through creative strategy and development.

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Integration Development (API/SDK)

If you need to integrate two or more systems together then Hidden Spark offers a range of integration solutions using batch, ETL, ELT, ESB as well as native Cloud based integration.

We offer integration services using a range of different data sources from a flat file, database, object storage (e.g., S3 or Blog) and API gateway.

Examples of our work include - Cloud API integration to Amazon, Azure, Google and Facebook. Common SaaS or open-source solutions such as Shopify and WordPress. We can also integrate with a Payment gateway including Banks for financial transactions as well as logistic/shipping APIs.

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IT Consulting and Support

Hidden Spark offers strategy, design and support services for customers that want to simplify their investments in IT so that they can focus on productivity improvements in their business.

We are on standby to help you build or integrate your next IT, Cloud or data science solution. As part of our Cloud migration service, we conduct a readiness assessment to help you make informed decisions on your next technology stack whether it is on Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba or Google. We also offer Kubernetes and Docker support.

Other considerations

Hidden Spark can help you on whatever digital journey you wish to take. Whether you seek to improve productivity or achieve lofty goals to make a difference in the world. There are a lot of non-technical considerations that needs to be taken into account such as dealing with localisation, intellectual property and security. Do you have an adequate growth strategy? Are you measuring the actual benefits returned from the piece of technology that you are using?

Our area of expertise includes the following:

Custom Software Development

Bespoke software development for both Web and mobile. We support both Android and Apple (IOS).
We also offer assistance with website accessibility (WCAG), performance testing and Cyber Security penetration testing.

IT Consulting / Support

Architect, design and implement private, public and hybrid cloud services. We also offer IT support and cloud migration services.

Data Science and Analytics

Increase efficiency and make better decisions with the help of your data.
We can help you build your data lake using Spark based systems and implement visualisation tools using PowerBi or Tableau

Digital Strategy

Services include:

  • Strategy/Vision
  • DevOps - CI/CD
  • ITIL
  • Solution Design
  • Innovation Models

Automation and Machine Learning

Leverage cloud automation technologies and machine learning for process improvement.

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