Mobile App Development

We have an extensive experience in working with all major technologies and are passionate about design engaging IOS and Android mobile solutions. We can also integrate with your existing SaaS or Web solution through an API or SDK.

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We follow a four-step process -

  1. Design – brainstorming sessions focused on Information architecture, wireframes, UX/UI Design to define a functional specification.
  2. Build – the mobile app build of screens, menu and features
  3. Test– Quality Assurance of the product which includes multiple rounds of testing including User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and integration testing
  4. Launch – Product launch to the App Store and Google Play Store

How We Work

Simplicity, transparency, and flexibility drive our team. You can come to us with or without design concepts, existing software, or just your ideas. You are involved throughout the process. Agree, Execute, then Deliver.

Custom Software

If you need a solution to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors or if there is an out of the box solution that doesn’t quite fit then a custom software is right for you. Designing and planning are crucial to taking your product to market so collaboration is important.

Cloud Hosting

We offer IT cloud consulting and migration services. Once a workload is migrated to the cloud we can help optimise and enhance the application using Cloud native features such as Autoscaling, DevOps, Serverless and Site Reliability Engineering. We can also help you scale and take on high levels of traffic with our high-performance package for systems such as WordPress, Opencart sites and more.

Become a Reseller

We offer white labelling services to our wholesale customers. We work with different agencies as an extension of their team. You can use our support portal and work with your existing systems and processes.