Company Milestone

Campus Culture – the heartbeat of University

Hidden Spark prides itself in solving business problems and helping organisations improve their capability through technology.
We are committed to providing exceptional levels of service with a goal to ensure your business is in safe hands.
Our focus is on innovation and emerging technologies. We design and develop solutions to help our customers maximize their IT investments.
We specialise in white label/private label solutions for our customers. Our reseller programs are designed to give you the peace of mind that a “hidden” and trusted business partner will be working hard behind the scenes. We offer a comprehensive range of IT and web services at wholesale prices. Enjoy our special incentives and test drive leading edge technology today.

The team at Hidden Spark makes modern technology work for your online enterprise. Our University software solutions will assist in managing student life on campus and help make student resources easily available. This detailed and effective concept has many benefits including:

  • Reduction of administrative overheads
  • Safe and secure online payments system
  • POS system for the sales of University Gifts and Memorabilia
  • Management system used for tracking registration and orders
  • Registration and management of Clubs and Societies
  • Online Academic Dress Hire system that handles late fees
  • Membership card registration system for online and in person use
  • Banking and funding tracking
  • Mailing templates

Software solutions making student life more manageable

Juggling Uni events and student life with study is challenging to say the least. Our expertise and experience within the IT industry has enabled us to produce custom built software solutions that will provide Universities with an effective student management system that will help simplify University life. Managing University clubs and societies, Uni events, Student Unions, Student Guilds, University clothing and memorabilia has never been easier with this efficient user friendly software.

Our experience in creating unique software management solutions has proven itself to be efficient and highly successful. The work done by Hidden Spark is both creative and innovative and our team of highly skilled Designers, Programmers and SEO specialists work together to create cost effective design and content management systems that will really work for your business.

University needs specialised

Our aim is to provide customers with the best possible software management solutions to assist in managing valuable web content for Universities and other online enterprise. If your business or enterprise has specific user integration requirements then our system can be easily customised to suit your environment and end user needs.

Satisfied customers are what we aim for as they are an example of our reliability. Hidden Spark endeavours to provide online services that help enterprises effectively reach a vast array of potentially new online customers while still providing premium services for our already existing ones.